The Millennials Infographic Breaks Down Gen Y

 - Feb 13, 2012
References: onlinegraduateprograms & spiral16
The Millennials infographic breaks down the habits and characteristics of Generation Y, or "millennials:" tech-savvy generation that marketers are anxious to get in touch with. According to Spiral16, the Millennials are "tech-savvy, educated people who are driving the social media shift," and with a generation that understands the need to sift through the chaos of the Internet comes the need to engage them in a way that truly "speaks" to them.

Millennials are currently aged 18-29 and are the most diverse generation in American history. The Millennials infographic breaks down the politics, lifestyle, education and work, and lists technology and music/pop culture as what sets our generation apart. In comparison, Generation X was set apart by technology use and work ethic, while the boomers relied on work ethic and general respect.