‘The Math-Science Shortage' Predicts a Grim Future

In times of economic crisis, the urge to pursue a degree in anything business related might not sound too tempting to many potential students, but, as ‘The Math-Science Shortage’ explains, business and arts students continue to outweigh those in STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Created by OnlineEngineeringDegree.com, the illustrated graph shows how American students seem to be flocking away from STEM degrees, either choosing to change their major mid-studies, or opt to pursue a non-STEM related job post-grad. The infographic goes on to predict that by 2018, most job growth will occur in Mathematical Science and Computer Science, with a whopping 2.8 million jobs open in STEM-related professions.

As someone who is completely lost when it comes to mathematics beyond basic algebra, I applaud all those pursuing careers in STEM fields. Whether you’re a forever a science nerd, or you’re more of an arts enthusiast, ‘The Math-Science Shortage’ offers a lot of interesting facts and awesome illustrations to enjoy.