'The Kitten Covers' Tumblr Puts a Feline Frenzy Twist on Music

The Internet loves cats and infuses the feline frenzy into many aspects of pop culture, much like 'The Kitten Covers' Tumblr account. Avid band lovers who also enjoy the company of cats will be ecstatic to sift through this blog of re-characterized album covers. This blog has been featured as the number one spot in the Buzzfeed.com '60 Cutest Tumblrs In The World.'

It features epic album covers of well-known musicians such Marvin Gaye and Grace Jones. The covers have been stripped of their actual subjects and replaced with cute kittens instead. Whatever graphical effects that were used in the actual covers are kept, and the faces of the felines are skewed in the most adorable way possible. Audiences can spend hours going through this blog and extending their knowledge of music artists and love for the feline family.