The Intelligent Toilet. Receive A Medical Check-up While Doing Your Business.

 - Jan 5, 2006
The Intelligent Toilet was jointly developed by Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. based in Osaka, and Toto Ltd., based in Kita-Kyushu. Daiwa House is marketing the product, which went on sale from April 2005, while Toto is manufacturing it. Through an array of built-in devices, the toilet instantly measures the user's blood pressure, weight, body fat, and urine sugar level.

While the user sits on the toilet, one of the devices gauges the urine sugar level, and another device built into a counter beside the toilet bowl measures blood pressure. The monitoring does not stop there. After the user gets off the toilet, a scale built into the floor measures their weight, while body fat is measured by a device built into the sink basin after the user washes their hands. Integrating all these instruments in a single place does away with the fuss of having to set up and operate separate devices whenever a person needs a health check.