Incredible Art by Stephen Wiltshire, The Human Camera

 - Nov 25, 2008
References: stephenwiltshire & trendhunter
While most of us struggle to remember the street names in a new town, savant Stephen Wiltshire already has the entire city memorized, down to the last broken window. Known as the Human Camera, Stephen is autistic and spent his early years mute. However, he soon discovered his love of drawing in school. 

For the past decade, he has been jumping in 30-minute helicopter rides in cities across the globe, then sitting down to draw the entire city skyline over a 3-4 day period. He has done it countless times, and shocked millions of people. 

It's incredibly inspiring to realize the potential of the human mind after watching Stephen’s videos. In some of his drawings, only one or two mistakes could be found on the large 10-meter canvas. So far, he has done the full skylines of Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Madrid, Dubai, Jerusalem, and London.