The HipShotDot Gives You an Always-On Red Dot Sight

 - Dec 30, 2013
References: airdropgaming & technabob
Chances are that only those who play first-person shooters will be able to truly understand the awesomeness that is the HipShotDot. This gaming accessory makes it easier to dominate online shooting games by giving you an always-on red dot sight. The sight is actually a USB-powered LED light that sticks to your screen using a suction cup. You place the dot according to where your sight reticle is.

Once the HipShotDot has been placed, firing from the hip (not aiming) becomes easier as the red dot will tell you where you're aiming at. When aiming down the sights, the red dot sight helps increase your aim, should your gun not be customized with a red dot. You can check out the HipShotDot in action in the video here, and you can order your own for $29.99.