The Great River Turbine by Michael Jantzen is Enticing

 - Jun 3, 2012
References: trendhunter
The Great River Turbine from artist Michael Jantzen is a hybrid between a clean energy source and an eye-catching tourist attraction.

The massive, conceptual water turbine, if constructed, would measure 100 feet in diameter and feature 12 stainless steel blades that rest on a moveable barge. This barge would float up and down with the tides and allow for tourists or sight-seers to walk on it and get a closer look at the structure.

Jantzen designed the turbine to be constructed in a big city near a large water source such as the Mississippi river so as to be able to continually create pollution free, sustainable energy.

Creating a design that is so appealing to passersby could promote interest in the sustainable energy movement, or at very least, create a connection between citizens and this particular renewable energy source.