The GEOtube Office Grows Its Own Web-Like Skin (and We're Caught)

 - Feb 26, 2010
References: faulders-studio
The GEOtube featured above is what Peter Parker would live in if he ever decided to ditch his Aunt May, Mary Jane and his considerable conscience and get a man lair to lure women and foes alike. I take that back, this is what Venom is going to be living in.

I really do promise that I will start decreasing the amount of comic book references soon.

Featuring the amazing ability to grow a saline skin which would spread over time (think kudzu), the web-like design of the GEOtube comes courtesy of Faulders Studio and is meant to be one more sideshow of a building in the architectural circus that is Dubai. Crazy thing is that the GEOtube probably won't even stand out over there.

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