The Floater Chaise is the Perfect Fit

For anyone looking for a way to relax in style this summer, the Floater Chaise, designed by Mathais Bernhard and Manuel Kretzer, is the perfect lounger. With its curvy design and simplistic structure, this chair is sure to have users kicking back in no time.

The Floater Chaise comes in a variety of shades, including an elegant black for those looking for a sleek, summer look, as well as red for those who want a more retro feel when relaxing in the sun. The design is also an ergonomic masterpiece, as the lower half of the chair is raised just the right amount to ensure one's legs are always comfortable.

Implications - These chairs offer users a familiar piece of furniture with a modern twist. Offering consumers products with modernist features allows buyers to feel justified in their purchases, as these commodities will give users a cutting-edge over other individuals while still serving a necessary function.