The First Law of Kipple Transforms Our Never-Ending Junk into Art

Renowned photographer Dan Tobin Smith is introducing his latest installation, titled 'The First Law of Kipple,' at this year's London Design Festival.

Unfamiliar with kipple? The title, and concept, hail from Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,' a science fiction novel published in 1968, and later adapted into the film Blade Runner. The term refers to useless objects, like gum wrappers or coupons you receive in the junk mail. When there's no one around, these valueless scraps reproduce themselves, causing the universe to hurtle "towards a final sate of total, absolute kippleization."

As you might expect, the installation involves a lot of what you might consider to be "junk." The 200-square-meter space is littered with color-coded oddments. What can be a decidedly unglamorous experience of daily life, is instantly transformed into something visually appealing.