The Economist is Dishing Out a Unique Retail Marketing Stunt

 - Jul 9, 2015
References: netimperative & eventmagazine
Part of a campaign developed with experiential marketing agency Sense London, the Economist has a fun summer program that will see a branded tricycle dishing out insect-infused ice cream across London. A clever follow-up to an Economist article from September 2014 entitled 'Why Eating Insects Makes Sense,' the campaign will be giving out four different kinds of ice cream infused with various edible insects.

Scurry Berry is an elderberry and raspberry ice cream featuring a blend of insect bits, while Choc Hopper includes "grasshopper chunks." Nutritious Neapolitan includes a mix of critters in a classic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry blend and Strawberries and Swirls includes meal-worm larva.

The clever campaign is an excellent way for the print media brand to increase its visibility and boost its brand.