'The Death of the DVD' Infographic Welcomes the Digital Age

It is time for the era of discs to come to an end, and 'The Death of the DVD' infographic provides a well-informative outro to the DVD age. This infographic provides eye-opening detail into the evolution of streaming and pirating video content online. The level to which users rely on the Internet for their movie-watching has grown so high that DVDs are being pushed out of the picture.

The infographic shows that the DVD will soon join the Laserdisc, the VHS tape and the Betamax tape in a graveyard for obsolescence. It provides information such as the fact that during this year more movies will be seen on the net than all other physical formats combined. Websites such as Netflix, Amazone Prime and Hulu Plus are the forerunners of this trend. The infographic also lists the top 10 pirated movies of 2011 with Fast Five taking top spot with 9,260,000 downloads.