The Cullen Hotel is a Tribute to Australian Painter Adam Cullen

The Cullen Hotel is a tribute to contemporary Australian artist Adam Cullen. Full of his vibrant grungy paintings, the Melbourne establishment introduces high-end accommodations that speak to the city's love and appreciation of all things art. It combines sleek furniture and a sophisticated layout with neon hue accents and, of course, almost-outrageous artworks.

Offering an indulgent stay in one of Australia's most beloved cities, The Cullen Hotel attracts youthful creatives who wish to stay slightly out of the hustle and bustle of the urban core. Comprised of 115 rooms, The Cullen Hotel falls into the designer boutique category with ease. Luxuriously modern, it captures the essence of Melbourne's artistic roots, which both locals and visitors will appreciate.

As part of the Art Series Hotels, the Cullen Hotel recently participated in the Overstay Checkout program, an original marketing campaign launched over the holiday season.