The 'CLASICLAXON' Addresses Noise Pollution in the City

 - Oct 26, 2015
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The 'CLASICLAXON' is a very novel idea to combat noise pollution in the city of Lima. The Radio Philharmonic is the only station in the country dedicated to the promotion of classical music and it launched the CLASICLAXON as a great invention: a speaker that plays classical music radio played by vehicles passing daily through the streets of Lima in the form of horns and alarms.

Can you imagine listening to classical music every time you play the horn? It is incredible to hear a melody of classical music to the touch of your horn. Call the attention of passersby and put a positive spin on traffic.

Noise pollution in the city is a problem, but using classical music to fight it, the new CLASICLAXON will attract new listeners to the genre of music that is good to the ears of all Peruvians.