The Clash Project Features Fashion by Non-Fashion Designers

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: & yatzer
The Clash Project started off as a very small idea, but it quickly grew into something much larger than the four friends who started it could have ever imagined. This is the third year that the Clash Project has been in existence. The founders of the Clash Project are all professionals in the world of art, all of whom specialize in different forms of design.

The Clash Project was created so that designers could explore a different form of fashion than what they are used to and possibly bring a fresh perspective to the work. The founders encourage young up-and-coming artists who may not even specialize in fashion to explore the world of fashion, giving the realm of clothing a more artistic feel. 

Some pieces are individual but others are group projects. Evidently, it is when the tastes of different-minded designers come together, as they do with the Clash Project, that true magic is formed!