This eBay Post Adds Sarcastic Value to Worthless Junk

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: wheels
Viral eBay car ads are helping users sell faster than ever, and the latest viral ad to blow a storm through the Internet is 'The Chubber.' Needless to say this marketing ankle is taking a bit of a stab at the advertising industry, which constantly uses Photoshopped images of supermodels to sell their products.

Wit can go a long way on the Internet. Evidence of this is a couple's old Benz, which has pushed views and bids higher than they’d ever imagined. Carbuzz reports that the opening bid was roughly $1.50, yet with a little imagination, a little sarcasm and a lot of wit, the latest bid raised upwards of $317,000.00.

The eBay ad description reads, "Benz for sale - Chubber negotiable."

Readers, take this as a lesson when you’re trying to sell something over the net.