This Infographic Displays the Alterations & Upgrades of the Batmobile

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: bookmygarage & designtaxi
United Kingdom-based website created a chart to highlight the evolution of the Batmobile over the years. The illustrated chart shows how Batman's car grew from an old-school red Cruiser in the 40s to the futuristic black hot rod that it is today.

The chart displays ten images of the Batmobile and shows how each new ride exceeded previous expectations. For example, 1989's version of the car was given a sleek outer shield while its 1992 version featured ejector seats.

As anticipation for the new 'Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice' film grows, there is a renewed desire for masked hero memorabilia, infographics and artwork. This chart will appeal to comic book fans who are interested in learning more about Batman's infamous automobile.