The Bat Mug Lets You Drink Coffee Just Like Superheroes Do

 - Jan 15, 2014
References: fancy
The Bat Mug is your go-to weapon in the fight against morning grogginess. Any burgeoning crime fighter will tell you that you can’t fight crime without your morning cup of coffee, and as a champion of justice (or tax accountant), no ordinary coffee mug will suffice.

The Bat Mug is made out of ceramic and instead of sporting a handle found on your traditional coffee mug, the Bat Mug instead has two wings that extend from the sides. With a tactical all black color, the Bat Mug is something the Dark Knight himself would use, assuming of course he could fit it in his utility belt.

On the off chance you should encounter a real criminal with your Bat Mug in hand, the wings allow your mug to double as a projectile.