The Balletcats Cheeky Bag is Humorous and Obnoxious

 - Nov 26, 2010
References: shop.lostateminor & lostateminor
T-shirt brand Balletcats is delivering its goods with some intentionally cheeky packaging. The Balletcats cheeky bag is both offensive and hilarious.

In bold red letters, the bag displays a message that includes "screw you and your high expectation." The insult can't be missed, but at least there is a positive spin at the end that tells customers to re-use the bag. It even politely say "please."

Each purchase also comes with an obnoxious paper bill that tells you that you can exchange the shirt if it was not used at "orgy party last night." Although it's all in good humor, the Balletcats Cheeky Bags will definitely make me reconsider returning anything of theirs.