'The Aura of Boxing' Iphotos Penetrate into Boxers' Physical Space

 - May 23, 2014
References: ntu.ac.uk & theguardian
'The Aura of Boxing' is a photo series, captured by Nottingham Trent University photography lecturer Max Kandhola, that seeks to capture and convey the essence of boxers and the world they inhabit. Kandhola spent years in sweaty gyms sparring close-up with prizefighters with only his lens between them. He picked up a few blows along the way, while capturing photos the whole time.

Kandhola sparred with the boxers so that he could well and truly penetrate their space and literally capture 'the aura of boxing.' His camera lens would glance the boxers' face or ear and he would occasionally get hit and pushed away while sparring, but says he "felt comfortable with that intimacy."

Kandhola used a 4x5 plate camera with a ruler taped to the side, giving him a point of reference for distance and focus.