'The Artistifier' Turns YouTube Videos into Films from the Twenties

'The Artistifier' is video generator that takes YouTube videos and turns them into black and white silent products with the option of adding period music. It attempts to impose an artsy, Oscar-winning feeling on the average YouTube clip.

With a variety of apps centered around image development such as Instagram, it's about time one looked into a quick click method for turning videos into a variety of aesthetically pleasing productions. The generator can be used for artistic purposes or just to turn simple products into feature films. Companies wishing to gain self-awareness would do well to use this YouTube video editor before it becomes too infested with commercial use. Taking videos pertaining to old publicity stunts or commercials and turning them into Oscar-esque productions would be a great new approach for grabbing attention.

The above video is The Artistifier's interpretation of 'Moneyball,' and the photo stream depicts the artification of the film Inception.