'The 7th Continent' is a Cooperative, Narrative-Based Journey

Some games are designed to be quick, simple, and bite-sized, but others, like 'The 7th Continent', are just the opposite. Far from a casual jaunt, the game unfolds like a nearly ceaseless narrative, so players can adventure through the fictional world of The 7th Continent for countless hours.

Though The 7th Continent is massive in terms of the game environment, it's also designed to be highly approachable. The player cards look intimidating, but with minimal set up gamers of any experience should be able to dive in simply by choosing a character and drawing cards.

The game, which is produced by Serious Poulp, is a choose-your-own-adventure narrative, so actions that players take effect the progression of the story. The narrative begins with a group of explorers ( as represented by the players) in the early 20th century who find themselves trapped on the mysterious 7th continent after acquiring a curse, and they need to work together to survive and escape.