'TforTwo' Reflect The State of Your Heart When You're Together and Apart

 - Feb 3, 2009
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TforTwo has a line of fashion for couples that is a bit over-the-top, but since Valentine's Day is probably one of the only days of the year it's socially acceptable to be overly cheesy, it's fitting to feature them.

The TforTwo shirts remind me of Best Friend necklaces composed of two parts; while they work on their own, their full image, impact or message isn't complete without the partner piece.

The TforTwo shirts come in two designs, one being an image of two half-hearts that become one when the couple stands next to each other, and the other a set of shirts that, when together, read "Be Loved."

While they're designed for couples, it's not a bad idea for 'best friend' fashion either.

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