Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface is a Virtual Therapist Powered by AI

 - Feb 23, 2018
References: textpert.ai & mashable
A group of researchers is hoping to make therapy more accessible to everyone with their innovative AI known as Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface, or T.E.V.I. The project is being developed by a group of UCLA AI researchers known as Textpert, in collaboration with USC's Institute for Creative Technologies. While T.E.V.I's development is gradual, the researchers estimate that the software will be able to maintain full conversations by the end of 2018, and will be working as a full-time therapist by the end of 2019.

Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface is currently available for demo and its interface and general AI already looks quite impressive. The interface is simple and only requires users to type a question into a simple text box and ask T.E.V.I to analyze. T.E.V.I will then give give a few responses including the significance of each word and a best estimate on how relevant the users search it in regards to socializing, health, dating, or other topics. T.E.V.I still requires a bit of fine tuning, but these early tests have shown the AI's ability to analyze statements and accurately present thoughtful responses.

Image Credit: Mashable