Urban Outfitters' Text Wrapping Paper is a Little Naughty

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: urbanoutfitters
This text wrapping paper from Urban Outfitters is overflowing with excitement in red, green and white, as well as a few swears. The excitable gift paper exclaims over and over: "You’re going to f*cking love this!" As rude as the unconventional Christmas wrapping paper may seem, it does seem to mean well and indicate that the gift-giver can’t wait for the recipient of this gift to open it up.

Another variety of the holiday gift wrap topped with a sassy seasonal message reads "merry xmas b*itches" in a font that looks as if it was hand-stitched on an ugly holiday sweater.

Hopefully if you were to unwrap these present you wouldn’t find yourself the subject of a holiday prank and the new owner of a lump of coal, or worse — a pair of boring old socks.