Reina Hardesty is the Michael Phelps of SMS at Nearly 500 Texts/Day

 - Jan 15, 2009
References: nypost
Text messaging is most popular for teen girls aged 13 to 17. The average number of text messages sent by girls in this category is 1,742 according to a Nielsen study of cellphone usage. 

However, one young girl from California quickly became the Michael Phelps of text messaging. She crushing her competition with 14,528 text messages in a month!

Let me break that down for you:

That is 484 text messages/day.

1 text message every 2 min of every hour in the month.

What spared this 13 year old’s life at the hands of her father?

Child Services?


Unlike most people who receive unreasonable phone charges, this father knew of his daughter’s habits and got an unlimited plan. Otherwise, one of the images would have been him forking over $3,000 to Ma Bell.