The Tessera Table is Not Solid, but Formed from a Timber Mosaic

 - Jan 24, 2013
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Whether it's a panel of wood, a slab of stone or a sheet of metal, people are accustomed to having one -- or no more than a few -- solid pieces of material to form the flat surface of their tables. The Tessera Table breaks this convention with a unique artisan design that combines an unexpected trio of materials.

Marc Baroud's supportive structure is manufactured from crisscrossing copper brackets that form the four legs and an X-shaped horizontal configuration on top. This firm frame is stiff enough to hold a flimsier element above it, which is exactly the case here. A large cut of tanned brown leather is used as a sort of tablecloth with a mosaic of small walnut squares adhered to its upper side. This is simply draped over of the Tessera Table's structure to make an unusual but effective tabletop.