Teslabot is a Chat Assistant That Can Control Users' Teslas

 - May 24, 2017
References: teslabot.ai & producthunt
Teslas have exploded in popularity not only because of their environmental friendliness, but also because of their impressively adept technology, and the new Teslabot is designed to make it even easier to take advantage of those features. The Teslabot, which fittingly goes by Elon and can be controlled through Facebook Messenger, can control most aspects of one's Tesla vehicle through chat commands alone.

Elon can deliver information about one's vehicle and control some of its functions. For instance, a user can ask the bot whether the car is locked or unlocked, and they can get it to change the status as well. Users can also type simple commands like "climate," "odometer," "vehicle info," and more to get general information about their vehicle. Elon also offers up some fun Easter eggs -- for example, it can pitch silly app ideas if users type "I'm bored."