Terrariums by Katie Redford Challenge the Notion of Natural

 - May 28, 2012
References: suckerpunchdaily
It is intriguing to consider these Terrariums by Katie Redford by name, given that they differ quite significantly from the typical vivarium. Where the practice is usually to contain an enchanting tiny ecosystem behind transparent glass, these objects express a strong sense of synthetic integration.

For one thing, the abstract display boxes have been crafted from panes of brightly colored semitransparent material, allowing the viewer to observe the little landscapes inside through vibrantly tinted lenses. Secondly, but not immediately, the viewer will realize that not all of the items within seem very fitting as a natural collection. The Terrariums by Katie Redford do emphasize the fact that such arrangements are always contrived, but these orange, yellow, green and black cases feature curious inclusions like small office supplies, mixed in with twigs and rocks.