Tobias Weiss and Gernot Reisenhofer Create Terraced Hillside Homes

 - Mar 3, 2010   Updated: May 26 2011
References: greenlichen
Austrian architects Tobias Weiss and Gernot Reisenhofer have designed some terraced hillside homes, taking advantage of their hillside surroundings to create environmentally conscious structures.

Packed in against the Austrian hillside, each apartment will use solar design, rainwater recycling and sunshades to help save energy and blend seamlessly into the Austrian countryside. The green-roofed apartments are as aesthetically pleasing as they are eco-friendly.

Implications - With the enormous surge of eco-friendly products permeating the marketplace in previous years, it only makes sense that the next place to make eco-friendly would be the home. Environmentally-concerned consumers are eager to minimize their carbon footprint in any way possible. Industries can expect the interest in eco-homes to rise, and should adapt by providing environmentally friendly products, homes and services to their demographic.