The Tennessee Williams Promotional Poster is Reflective

In theater, taking risks and pushing boundaries is celebrated and encouraged and the new Tennessee Williams promotional poster for 'In Masks Outrageous and Austere,’ is no exception to this concept.

Designed by Noah Scalin, owner of design firm Another Limited Rebellion, the poster is striking, yet beautiful.

A woman with a face covered in broken shards of glass graces the poster and presents a literal depiction of the play's title. The woman is also seemingly topless; donning a prim, yet seductive pearl necklace across her bare neck.

Since this is Williams' last work, he openly embraced pushing the envelope in both the play itself and all of the promotion for it. The playwright felt that he was aiming for "sexy, mysterious, surreal," in his work and Scalin took these words to heart when he designed the advertisement.

The Tennessee Williams promotional poster is both an unsettling and alluring reflection of the playwright's final production.