The 'Ten Jackets by Ten Artists' Shoot is Retro-Inspired

The ‘Ten Jackets by Ten Artists’ editorial is featured in the latest issue of Attitude magazine. Models Reece Sander and Tom Baker star in the retro-inspired editorial, sporting distressed denim looks, airbrushed with pop culture iconography. The guys wear signature denim staples, styled to perfection by Elauan Lee.

The badass shoot, captured by photographer Duane Nasis takes cues from the past while fusing vintage concepts with contemporary fads. The dynamic editorial is bright, fun and distinctive, exuding undeniable confidence and an effortless swagger. This retro-inspired shoot is cool and youthful with bold airbrushed jackets, created by ten different artists. The shoot features customized jackets by House of Holland, Danny Sangra, To-Orist, Stuart Semple and Mr. Shiz among others.

This street-savvy Ten Jackets by Ten Artists shoot is urban and edgy, infused with a youthful flair that pays tribute to pop culture icons.