This Temperature-Sensitive Faucet Will Make Sure You Don't Get Burned

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: fancy
This temperature-sensitive faucet is straight out of the future. Not only does it light up your midnight bathroom breaks and looks super cool and spacey, it also makes sure you never burn your hands again!

When coming in from the cold, your first inclination when you go to the washroom is to turn the hot water all the way up to 11. With this temperature-sensitive faucet you'll be able to tell exactly how hot the water is so you don't scold yourself.

This faucet has LED lights built in that light up when it's turned on. They shine in different colors depending on the temperature of the water. Blue is cold, green is lukewarm, red is hot and flashing red is scalding!

Now you never have to feel the burn when you give your tap a turn.