Contact Lenses That Allow you to Zoom in on Life

 - Jul 9, 2013
References: theregister & ideaconnection
If there were ever a time when the need to zoom in on a picture or a piece of writing seemed necessary, then the telescopic contact lenses may be exactly what is missing in our society. Although this concept is only in the prototype phase, this is an idea that may be present in the near future.

These contact lenses will be applied into the eye like regular lenses; however, they have two different layers that allow the wearer to switch between normal and telescopic vision. People who suffer from eyesight loss could be helped with these lenses, hopefully enabling them to retrieve some of the vision that has been lost.

This particular model has been able to get the size of the contact down to a remarkable 1.17 mm and it is being made to be gas-permeable, which will allow the wearer to keep the contacts in for an extended period of time. These contacts will allow you to increase your eyesight by 2.8 times magnification, which will really show you a whole new side to the world.