Bellendoejezo Workshops for Adults

 - Jun 8, 2008
References: bellendoejezo & springwise
Cell phone workshops conducted by teens for adults is a brilliant business idea, offering youth the opportunity to teach their tech-savvy to unskilled older users.

Bellendoejezo, a Dutch company, came up with the idea to hire teenage "phone coaches" to help new adapters or those struggling to understand more high tech functionality. These teachers are between 12 and 16 years old, offering them a very unique opportunity to share expertise with older generations.

Younger generations often take for granted the ease at which they are able to use all the functions of modern cell phones, from ring tones and cameras to downloads and text messaging.

"The program's goal is to improve their social skills and self-esteem, and give them access to corporate environments they might otherwise not be exposed to," SpringWise explains. "Bellendoejezo is aimed at the corporate market, and charges up to EUR 50 per person for 60-minute workshops. Clients so far have included law firms, banks and an energy company."

It's a great business idea provided the youth are patient enough!