Team Hot Wheels Brings Kid's Cars and Ramps into Reality

 - Jun 1, 2011
References: youtube
Toy Story may have brought toys to life on the silver screen, but Team Hot Wheels is doing it for real with this The Yellow Driver's World Record Jump video.

As part of a publicity stunt, Team Hot Wheels has recreated its iconic cars and ramps in life-size and has them performing jumps the way a child would with his own miniature cars. As you can see, Team Hot Wheels even made sure to keep the ramp a highly saturated orange color to replicate the plastic the brand's toy ramps are made out of. Luckily for the real driver, the ramp is durable enough for him to take off on a record-breaking jump.

If a child tells you he wants to drive Hot Wheels cars when he grows up, technically speaking, that's now an achievable dream.