Tea Cup by Marin Balaic Encourages You to Minfully Sip Your Sencha

 - Jun 3, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Coffee is the beverage of stress and hard work, and Tea Cup by Marin Balaic is a project that reminds you of the soothing association you should make with the delicate drink.

These delightfully disfigured demitasses are coated in a matte charcoal skin surrounding a soft ceramic form. With no handles, they are designed to be held in both hands, which, as it turns out, will do your mental state much better. Unable to multitask with this mug, you're left no choice but to commit yourself to a moment of peace. The heat of your hot drink will warm your palms and fingers and create a calming effect throughout the rest of your body. Tea Cup by Marin Balaic is not a terribly innovative-looking vessel, but it succeeds at establishing grounds for intimate interaction.