Artist Taylor Kinser Created Bottled Emotions and a Cheeky Tonic Guide

 - Sep 17, 2014
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If you think keeping your feelings bottled up inside is a bad thing, you should talk to Taylor Kinser. Based out of Tennessee, the artist crafted a creative collection called Bottled Emotions, which is literally just that -- a selection of bottles labelled with different emotions and containing a corresponding colorful substance. The canisters also come with Victory's Tonic Guide, with instructions to make interesting things such as Black Friday or Tacky Sweater.

Modelled after vintage apothecary bottles, the six color-coded concoctions used in Taylor Kinser's project are named after love, excitement, confusion, anger, envy and fear. The guide explains how to mix combinations of the feelings for cheeky recipes.

Currently, Taylor Kinser is working on a wedding version of Bottled Emotions.