TAUMASCOPIO is a Permanent Installation in Zingst

 - Oct 1, 2016
References: mattiapacorizzi & archdaily
TAUMASCOPIO is a new permanent installation in the town of Zingst, Germany that merges kaleidoscopes with halls of mirrors to create a captivating visual effect. The exhibit, which measures at 19.5 meters squared and approximately 2.5 meters tall, consists of an inner room covered in obtusely angled, mirrored facets, reflecting those that enter into virtually infinite combinations.

Looking at oneself from inside TAUMASCOPIO provides "a way out of reality's forms and perspectives," according to the installation's creator, French-Italian architect Mattia Paco Rizzi. Beyond entering the exhibit, though, passersby can look into it from gaps in the two transverse ends, creating even more perspectives that the fragmentary view from within.

TAUMASCOPIO is also mirrored across its exterior, reflecting the surrounding environment of Zingst and the sky above.