Shows Inked Travellers Where It's Okay to Go

 - Jun 7, 2018
References: & kotaku
In North America, anyone below the age of 40 is virtually expected to have a tattoo, but that cultural trait isn't the same everywhere in the world, as shows. The website is a travel platform with a very specific purpose: it shows those visiting Japan which hot springs, public baths, gyms, pools, and other shirtless places allow people with tattoos to take part in the activities.

Tattoos are an ironically expensive symbol of benign counterculture in North America, but they have a far more directly intimidating connotation in Japan. Members of gangs and other organized criminal outfits in Japan often show their allegiances through tattoos, and that has created a deeply held taboo and stigma around tattoos for the average Japanese citizen. As such, many places in which people can be naked or shirtless ban tattoos entirely.