The 'On the Roc' Editorial Stars the Elegant Tara Jean Nordbrock

 - Jun 10, 2013
References: be & visualoptimism.blogspot
Tara Jean Nordbrock is the embodiment of modern aristocracy in the new 'On the Roc' editorial for Be magazine. The photo shoot centers around a pure turquoise lagoon and depicts Nordbrock wearing a series of elegant Victorian-esque outfits. One outfit is particularly reminiscent of high-class aristocracy. It consists of black pants paired with a black crop top and a large white neck ruffle. All together, this ensemble channels an haute-couture feel, almost a snobbery.

Nordbrock's poses encourage this feeling. She stands with an upright posture and hardly deigns to look into the camera, choosing instead to bask in the sun with her eyes closed. Her angular features and pale skin combined with the photo shoot's aristocratic outfits make her into the absolute picture of a debutante.

'On the Roc' is a fabulous editorial that employs both stunning visuals and breath-taking clothing pieces. With past eras continuing to influence the fashion industry's modern trends, it's no surprise that the aristocracy is slowly creeping back onto the runway.