The Tanita ES-100 Helps Combat Unpleasant Body Odors

 - Jun 28, 2018
References: & gizmodo
In an effort to combat sweltering temperatures, unbearable humidity and sweaty armpits the Tanita ES-100 acts as an electronic nose to detect body odor before other people do. The device leverages technology used in the company's alcohol detecting breathalyzers but has been modified and tuned to detect unpleasant odors created by sweat glands. The Tanita ES-100 relays this information to users through a scale from 0-10 and was done based on the idea that visualization of the odor would better inform users.

The construction and design of the Tanita ES-100 may not win any cosmetic awards but its utilitarian construction allows for ease of use. The device itself resembles an old pager and features a fold-out arm that houses the sensors for detecting unpleasant scents. A small screen indicates the level of odor the device detects and is the only indicator for information offered on the device.

Image Credit: Tanita