TaliaYstudio Has Fun with Wearable Technology

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: taliaystudio & dezeen
Talia Redford of Vienna-based design studio ‘taliaYstudio’ has a lot to say about technological fashion. The studio’s latest series, titled ‘Holdables,’ is intended to be a bit of a critique on what she refers to as the "wearable tech frenzy." The series is comprised of three holdable accessories, including a magnifying monocle, cheerful digital lollipop and a camera triggered by a kiss. The series will be viewed at Milan’s Confessions of Design exhibition.

Redford explains, "We love technology but found the current wave of wearable tech frenzy mostly insensitive, unspecific and often looking like generic ####."

The studio worked to showcase the potential of transparent OLED technology within portable devices. The end result is a technologically relevant venture, that manages to be fun, playful and meaningful at the same time.

"Basically we had a bit of fun, with a serious undertone that revolves around showcasing the application possibilities of transparent OLEDs," said Radford. "We wanted to make something fun and meaningful and playful and desirable – something that would make the technology accessible and its possibilities understood through design."