'Tales You Lose' Presents Money Makeovers More Relevant to Pop Culture

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: facebook & junk-culture
In some places, people might have a hard time telling you exactly which faces appear on their country's coins without having a handful of change right in front of them. The 'Tales You Lose' series is a playful project that infuses these commonly used yet uncommonly observed objects with an unmissable dose of color and personality.

Andre Levy has been working with a collection of Euros, American dollars, African cash and old European coinage. On the face side of each round metal piece, the Brazilian artist paints hair, skin, facial features and accessories that turn royalty, politicians and symbolic figures into pop culture characters from movies, TV and comic books. Among the 'Tales You Lose' coins, you'll find Futurama's Leela, X Men's Rogue and Where's Waldo.