The Taihoo 2046 by Hao Huang is a Concept Car That's Ultra Robust

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: psipunk & yankodesign
Taihoo 2046 by Hao Huang is a futuristic concept car that takes inspiration from the Taihu stone, which is a type of rock that is popular in Chinese cultures.

The Taihoo 2046 is aimed at the 18 to 35-year-old demographic, ideally for young couples. It sure is a flashy car but for those who can't see inside, it is a car haven as the structured interior can transform into a sleeping area that's perfect for camping. The seats can be folded down while a mesh lining bed stretches out to be used like a hammock.

The car's body is equipped with high-strength acrylic windows that reduce the weight. Film solar cells installed around the vehicle absorbs the sun's energy to charge and power smaller devices. There's no need to hit the cinemas as the ceiling window turns into a blackened screen to watch movies.