'Tabasco: a Burlesque Opera' Revives a 19th Century Musical

In celebration of New Orleans' 300th anniversary, the 150th anniversary of Tabasco sauce and the New Orleans Opera's 75th anniversary, comic 'Tabasco: a Burlesque Opera' sold-out performances are running throughout the end of January.

The opera revives a 19th century musical comedy by George W. Chadwick that was originally performed in 1894. Although the opera was initially created without the knowledge of the McIlhenny Company, the maker of the spicy pepper sauce, the company approved it and it became a hit sensation across the United States, with the McIlhenny Company sponsoring the original tour.

Now, the show has been revived at the Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré, promising much hilarity and entertainment from international conductor Paul Mauffray, director Josh Shaw, an all-new cast and the New Orleans Opera Chorus.