T4-N Teleglasses

 - Oct 6, 2007
References: pinktentacle
Now this is truly a new way to interact with your personal devices. T4-N features a monitor built in to a pair of rather stylish glasses, which allow users to multi-task while enjoying a film.

"Teleglass T4-N connects to any NTSC-capable video player (including iPods) and delivers images directly to the eye via a pair of tiny monitors tucked away behind the lenses," PinkTentacle explained. "The 640 x 480 screen resolution at close proximity simulates the effect of watching a 45-inch screen from 2 meters (6 feet) away, and each monitor can be focused and adjusted for an optimal picture that reduces eye strain. Audio is delivered through a pair of frame-mounted earphones."

Let's just hope no one decides to wear these while driving!