The T3 NLRV is Designed for Extreme Crowd Control

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: t3motion & gizmag
Here's hoping that the protesters of Occupy Wall Street never have to do battle against the T3 NLRV. The T3 NLRV (Non-Lethal Response Vehicle) is a three-wheeled Segway designed for use by police officers during violent protests.

The T3 NLRV is designed with some serious armor and firepower. The T3 is equipped with two compressed air-powered rifles that can fire 700 rounds of non-lethal ammunition a minute. Additionally, the T3 NLRV has a 40,000-lumen LED strobe light, a riot shield, a P.A. system and puncture-proof tires. The NLRV also comes equipped with a video camera, in case a gung-ho cop opens up on a group of peaceful protesters.

This vehicle is the new future for many cops trying to quell the crowds.