SyncApps Will Ensure TV Commercials Pitch to Your Interests and Personality

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: technologyreview & io9
Whether their intentions were to surveil your personal activity or to streamline advertising, San Francisco-based developer Flingo is unveiling a new TV software called SyncApps that follows your television-watching habits and complements them with personalized advertising.

After cementing a strong relationship with CBC, Fox, MTV and other major cable programmers, Flingo has begun discussing the gist and implications of their newest software invention. By the end of the year, a series of $500 televisions outfitted with SyncApps will be available for purchase. In a nutshell, the software monitors what TV channels you watch and relays that information to a central server, which then pushes relevant ad content onto your television, computer or any other network-connected devices.

Setting aside any privacy concerns, it's not far-fetched to assume that SyncApps may lead TV viewers into a "filter bubble," where they only receive information of their choosing and are guarded from outside opinions or views.