Patatap is an Interactive Site That Creates Symphonies

 - Apr 1, 2014
References: patatap & wired
Introducing Patatap, the symphonic keyboard program that allows you to create and direct music within your keyboard.

What's the coolest thing you've done with your web browser or keyboard today? Direct yourself to Patatap's website, turn the audio up, and begin to conduct music instantly within the comfort of your personal keyboard. You are now experiencing the multisensory magic that is Patatap.

The "portable animation and sound kit" is the brainchild of creator Jono Brandel, a member of the Google Creative Lab, which stemmed out of his fascination with synesthesia. With this website, you can conduct audiovisual symphonies simply by tapping on your keyboard or touchscreen if you're using your smartphone or tablet, with each letter of the alphabet mapped to a unique sound and playful animation.

Have you ever wanted to conduct your own music? Look no further, because you can do it anytime within the brilliant musical and visual depths of Patatap.